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the all-in-one digital advertising solution designed exclusively for the automotive sector. TRFFK is powered by, the people who know cars better than just about anyone. But what we also know better than anyone in the industry is how people are buying their cars. With millions of people checking our marketplace everyday, the back end data we accumulate from the steps they take along their journey and our insight into consumer behaviour is unmatched. We take this proprietary data and use it to power your campaigns. It’s our secret sauce and allows us to target with razor sharp focus. Our team of category experts then gets to work providing digital advertising strategy and execution across paid search, display, social media, and audience retargeting to help you convert in-market shoppers into real-time customers.



Audience Targeting

TRFFK targets prospects that visit a dealer website with highly targeted ads. It is like the cream to the coffee of the Trader Data Targeting.


Our advanced paid search programs allow us to find people searching for specific cars and target them with highly relevant vehicle ads. You can’t get more direct than that.


No matter where people are consuming content, our display ads showcase your actual inventory and link directly to your VDP (Vehicle Details Page). And it’s not even magic.


Not everyone has access to the expansive reach of all the major publishing networks in your market and in Canada. But we do.


Almost everyone is active on social media. We connect with them, show them your message, and make sure the conversation turns to your dealership. It’s that simple.


You don’t just want to serve up ads. You want to serve the right ad to the right person in the right place. Our dynamic creative engine serves all size ads with inventory that updates on the fly.


We know people don’t always fill out a lead form, so if someone calls your dealership from an ad or a website, we capture that as a conversion. No-one slips through our net.


Results don’t always speak for themselves, so our visually-enhanced, data-rich dashboards showcase what is working as well as areas for improvement. Simple, but effective.




If you want to capture the attention of consumers looking at similar vehicles from a different brand, you need to apply strategies to target them. Our conquest solutions ensure your vehicles show up at just the right time to turn heads.


You know there is a car for just about everyone, even consumers with poor credit, which is why our subprime solution focuses on pairing bad credit car buyers with the types of vehicles they can afford. Let’s see no car left behind!


Your dealership is unique. You know that, but do car buyers? With our branding solution we focus on your story and what makes you different. We also make sure no one else can wedge themselves in when consumers are searching for you.

Parts & Service

The fixed operations sections of your dealership are essential to its success, which is why we offer campaigns to drive traffic there, both on a year-round and seasonal basis.

New car

You want to increase turn rates on new cars, don’t you? We thought so. That’s why we use dynamic VIN-specific inventory ads to get precise new cars in front of consumers interested in buying them.

Used Car

VIN-specific dynamic ads are like magic: not only do they help create a faster sale, but we can make them disappear as soon as the vehicle is sold.

Incentives Specials

If you’re looking to leverage your monthly OEM new car incentive deals, we can pair them with your new car inventory ads, so consumers get the push they were waiting for at just the right time.

Custom Services

Your dealership is unique and so are your deals. That’s why we offer custom services to support anything from weekend specials to attracting out-of-town shoppers.


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