| Data: The Fuel Behind Your Advertising Engine
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Data: The Fuel Behind Your Advertising Engine

noun | ad·ver·tis·ing

: the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements

In today’s world of online noise, non-stop interruptions, and visual overload, how do you— the advertiser — stand a chance of breaking through and being heard? How can you stand out in a sea of online ads? And how can you make sure the car you want to sell gets seen by the right buyer at the right time? We are going to answer that with one word: Data. It’s a simple fact that without data, a large percentage of today’s online ads will be falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes.)

Why is that?

Because data is our informant. It’s the wheels behind the scenes that observe, register, track, and segment based on consumer behaviour. It’s the tool that takes advertisers out of the dark (where they might be throwing content around in the hope that some of it will stick,) to the bright, shiny destination of informed buyer intent. And with that data-informed knowledge comes targeted, efficient advertising that matches the right products with the right buyers.

This data is pulled from consumer behaviour online. Every time a potential customer searches, clicks, and reads, their online profile becomes more sophisticated. Does potential online customer “A” keep looking at family-centric SUVs in a certain price range? Then there’s probably not much point in serving them up an ad featuring the luxury sports car on your lot. Fortunately, when armed with the right data, you won’t waste money making that mistake. In fact, you will be able to deliver an entirely relevant ad based upon his or her vehicle preferences, location, price range and more. There are tools designed to pull exactly this kind of data, insights, and analytics and organize it so that ads can be created based on user behaviour and preferences.

“Ok,” we hear you say. “Thanks for leveraging your proprietary, local-market-specific marketplace data, but what about my own data?” As you probably know, your website is busy pulling the same kind of information from online visitors. However, many dealerships don’t have the resources available to aggregate and organize this information in the same way, and often it simply isn’t diverse enough to give you enough information to find consumers in-market outside of your site. But bring the two sources of data together, aggregate, and organize them, and you have a recipe for advertising success. At TRFFK we call this our secret sauce because it allows us to pool the optimal customer information into one bucket and refine your audience targeting based on this solid data. In fact, we created a short video that highlights how this works:


Ultimately, when it comes to automotive digital advertising, we all want to get the most effective return on our dollar spend. By partnering with someone who has access to the most relevant, industry-specific proprietary data and who maximizes the power of your own data once it’s brought into the mix, you can do just that.

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