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Responsive Search Ads with TRFFK

Over the last few years, the team at TRFFK has seen the positive performance of Responsive Search Ads (RSA) in our platform. In fact, advertisers that have switched from expanded text ads to responsive search ads, using the same assets, see an average of 7% more conversions at a similar cost per conversion.

Since Google announced last year that Expanded Text Ads would be sunset by June 30th 2022, our Development Operations team have been hard at work to create an RSA-specific UI that would not only emulate the Google Ads back end but also match your dealership marketing needs.

Having said that, TRFFK released a new Responsive Search Ads-specific UI that integrates Google’s RSA features and best practices paired with TRFFK’s AI-driven automation and dynamic capabilities.

Responsive Search Ads with TRFFK

TRFFK’s Responsive Search Ads allow the ad creator to input up to 15 separate, custom headlines, as well as up to 4 separate, custom ad descriptions for ad creation within an Ad Group.

The headlines and descriptions can include real-time dynamic components that are imported from your dealership website, such as Number of Units currently in stock and Starting From Prices.

As you can see from the above example, at TRFFK, the dynamic capabilities are of critical importance. They help you automatically :

  1. Inserting Year/Make/Model keywords in an ad based on search query, adding increased CTR possibilities.
  2. Assist in showing a more accurate up-to-date ad in terms of real-time VDP sale pricing, & SRP starting from prices
  3. In these times of inventory shortages, they accurately reflect to the end user, the number of actual, on-the-ground inventory units ready to test drive today.

The ad copy information is then sent to the Google AI, which begins to pick the best combinations to serve to the end user – and to be as as relevant to that user as possible.

Benefits of Responsive Search Ads

  1. You now have the ability to serve ads that more closely match your potential customers’ search queries and achieve this seamlessly using Google and TRFFK’s automation tools and software.

2. The text and ad copy assets will work together in any combination and can include popular keywords in headlines & descriptions, all unique and custom to your dealership and OEM brand, when applicable.

3. Best practice is to ensure that you customize your Ad Copy headlines and descriptions to best suit the marketing needs of your specific Campaigns.

Showing Users the Most Relevant Ad

The blend of branding statements, unique sales propositions and dynamic properties ensures Google has a big enough arsenal of combinations to show the right ad to right user.

For instance, if a user has been inputting price qualifiers in all his searches “starting from”, “how much is”, etc., they will be ensured to show a dynamic price, thus increasing the quality (and subsequent lower cost) of the click, making your website visitor a much more engaged one.

The below example shows how the entire process ends with the best possible ad for the end user.

Responsive Search ads

TRFFK Optimizations

Because TRFFK uses AI & automation, you are able to create ads for all your inventory in stock as well as ads for all combinations of Make/Model and Year/Make/Model combinations. This is essential in today’s world of competitive automotive digital marketing.

However, you do want to make sure that you are advertising the right vehicles in order to spend your marketing dollars wisely. TRFFK optimizations assist in:

1) Limiting exposure on lower inventory models and/or non-merchandised units

2) Increased exposure for aged inventory where necessary

3) Bid Adjusting for increased exposure on inventory lines you really want to move quickly

4) Using relevant, sizeable remarketing Audiences (such as those that come from our proprietary relationship with Auto Trader) to show ads to users most likely to convert

5) Using AI signals to obtain the highest Quality Scores and thus, lowest Cost Per Click giving you more exposure per dollar spent

The end result:

Your Online Strategy Consultant at TRFFK can help to ensure your overall strategy is in place, along with the customization of your dealership’s branding – as well as the automated dynamic components to be optimized to perform.

The TRFFK & Google AI will do the rest to make sure the right buyers view the right ad combinations. For more information on TRFFK’s Responsive Search Ads, fill out our form above.

Also, check out our YouTube video below where TRFFK Senior Marketing Manager Ivan Sandoval chats with Senior Director of Product Frederic Binette about the new RSA UI as TRFFK Product Manager Tiffany Tran shows a demo of the new back end in the latest TRFFK Podcast.

Ivan Sandoval, BA (Hons)

Senior Marketing Manager, TRFFK by AutoTrader