| TRFFK Becomes Premium Facebook Marketing Partner
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TRFFK Becomes Premium Facebook Marketing Partner

Adding another tool in its arsenal, TRFFK has officially been recognized by Facebook as the first and only Premium Facebook Marketing Partner in Canada, that deals only with auto dealers. Launched in 2018 as TRADER’s new automotive advertising solution, TRFFK already enjoys premium partner status with Google and Microsoft.

“With the latest addition, TRFFK is unrivaled in Canadian automotive industry as the go-to digital advertising partner for dealerships from coast-to-coast. Given the powerful product we have – and all the refinements that have gone into it– we are the best solution available in the industry today,” says Benoit Laforce, General Manager at TRFFK.

What does this Premium Partnership mean for TRFFK clients?

This partnership conferred by Facebook recognizes TRFFK for meeting its highest standards for marketing performance and innovation for dealers across Canada.

“Program eligibility and tier level are evaluated based on a combination of criteria like ad spend, qualifying spend (percentage of spend toward direct response ad objectives that are optimized to drive meaningful business outcomes for our clients), active pages connected to ad accounts and qualifying ad placements,” says Laforce.

The Premium Partnership will continue to strengthen our relationship with Facebook and allow the TRFFK team to stay relevant with marketing trends by gaining access to new tools and training. Erez Erlich, Director of TRFFK Operation, shared key enhancements that will be added to TRFFK as a result of this partnership status.

• Staying up to date with the latest ad solutions, metrics and insights to optimize advertising efforts through TRFFK
• Having in-depth conversations with industry experts to further understand measurement and creative best practices
• Advanced technical and customer support

“All in all, an increased return on investment for hundreds of our client-dealerships across Canada and a win-win situation for them and their customers,” says Erlich.

– Sparsh Sharma – Digital Strategist, TRFFK